ARK Config Override Item Crafting Costs (Herstellungskosten der Items ändern)
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16.12.17 - 16.12.17
Leather-free Config: Armor, Saddles, Weapons, Structures, Resources crafting without Hide, Chitin, Keratin, Organic Polymer
Veggie Kibble Config: Kibble crafting without Meat, Fish, Chitin and Egg
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Crafting Items (3 file(s), total 895 file(s))
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Resource Consumable Kibble Structure Weapon Ammo Armor Saddle Building Pipe Tek MOD - Flying Rafts MOD - Backpack MOD - Structures Plus
Backpack small
Rucksack klein
lvl 30
Fiber (Fasern)
x 100
Hide (Tierhaut)
x 25
Backpack medium
Rucksack mittelgroß
lvl 45
Fiber (Fasern)
x 200
Hide (Tierhaut)
x 50
Backpack large
Rucksack groß
lvl 60
Fiber (Fasern)
x 300
Hide (Tierhaut)
x 75
Overrided Items
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