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Day Cycle Generator for ARK AND PixARK
Day Time Speed in Minutes

Night Time Speed in Minutes

Day Cycle in Minutes

Server Settings for PixARK
XP Multi
Third Person View
Show Player Position on Map
Need no Reset
Disable Structure Decay PvE
Flyer Carry PvE
Listen Server Tether Distance Multi
Global Voice Chat
Proximity Chat
No Tribute Downloads
Always Notify Player Left
Dont Always Notify Player Joined
Hardcore Server
Server Force No HUD
Enable PvP Gamma
God Mode
Active Mods (f. e. 11111,22222..)
Active Map Mod
Structure Prevent Resource Radius Multi
Resource Drop Quantity Multi
Resource Refresh Period Multi
Blueprint Time to Craft Multi
Time for Full Repair Multi
Raid Dino Food Drain Multi
PvE Dino Decay Period Multi
Kick IDLE Player Period in Seconds
Max Structures per Platform Multi
Auto Save after Minutes
total max Tamed Dinos
RCON Server Game Log Buffer
Show Hit Markers
PvE Server
Show Crosshair
New Max Structures in Range
Day Cycle Speed Scale
Day Time Speed Scale
Night Time Speed Scale
Dino Damage Multi
Player Damage Multi
Structure Damage Multi
Player Resistance Multi
Dino Resistance Multi
Structure Resistance Multi
Taming Speed Multi
Harvest Amount Multi
Player Water Drain Multi
Player Food Drain Multi
Player Stamina Drain Multi
Dino Food Drain Multi
Dino Stamina Drain Multi
Player Recovery Health Multi
Dino Health Recovery Multi
Harvest Health Multi
PvE Structure Decay Period Multi
Resources Respawn Period multi
[X] reset all values